Sunday, December 19, 2004

Redefining Snowblower

Okay, so my neighbor loves to blow leaves in late summer and all fall. He does it for six hours a day until every individual leaf is out of his yard. I'm not kidding: six hours. Helen and I think he must be trying to stay out of the house and away from his wife or he really loves his leaf blower. That machine puts a damper on my favorite season.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up (after finally sleeping in past 8 for the first time in proabably a year) to hear a familar sound. Yes, a leaf blower. Well, a snow blower today. He must really love that thing or really want to be out of the house because there was less than half an inch of snow on the ground at the temperature was in the teens. I get the chills just writing about it. Now the quiet and beauty of winter has been pierced by a familiar whine. Wow. That's all I can write. Wow.

Our consolation: Last year our neighbors tried to sell their house, but pulled it from the market inexplicably (priced too high?), but maybe they'll try again next year before the leaves start to fall.


John Eliason said...


I recommend telling your neighbor that you have recently sustained a surgery to remove all common sense, and that you are therefore prone to rash responses to loud or even medium-loud but annoying noises.


Anonymous said...

J -

You sound a tad bitter about them not moving ;-)

Wonder if he used it after this last winter blast. We head down to Ohio through the worst of the storm in the morning, but it should all be plowed and fine by then. Couple days there and then south. But I'll be online, checking the mundane-ity of your life, working on research projects and planning for Winter. I wonder if you will even see this comment. If you do, send me, or send me a link to, this whole language scrapbook thing you swiped from Heidi. I doubt I could incorporate it this late, but I'd like to think about it.

Ciao for now,
Steve B.