Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Our First Real Snow

We finally had a real snow in Flint. Well, we missed the first real snow over Thanksgiving because we were in Los Angeles. This snow was beautiful, as the picture above shows. I love when the trees are covered in snow, and Kisha was excited to run through the park. She pranced and sniffed her way around the neighborhood. You probably can't tell by the photo, but she was pretty impatient waiting for us to take our pictures.

It's been cold the past few days, but I don't mind this early in winter. I'm still enjoying the white and the quiet. It doesn't hurt that my snowthrower started on the first pull (I feel so lucky), so I don't have to worry about getting a big snow.

Notice my new (to me) Carhartt jacket in the picture. Helen found it in our backyard one day. The name on the front is "Guy," which I love, and the back advertises "Fenton Poured Walls Inc." "Solid as a Rock." Helen threw the jacket in the wash and gave it to me. It makes me wonder what our responsibility is with the jacket. Helen and I have been thinking about calling the company and asking if they employ "Guy," and if he lost a coat. We haven't, but it makes me wonder about ownership and possession when we find something in our backyard.

As a kid, if I lost a ball over a neighbor's fence, it was my responsibility to get it back. Some balls I never got back. If "Guy" threw it into the yard, I feel no compulsion to return it, but if it was stolen and tossed into our yard, well, thinking that I feel a tinge of guilt.

So, should we return the jacket?

p.s. Mom and Dad gave me the hat last year, and though it is relatively thin, it's the warmest knit cap I think I've ever had. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping my noggin warm.

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John Eliason said...

Dear Blogger Blumner,

You should contact the company and find out about Guy. Where's the rest of him and his uniform, after all? Could his pants be in your bedroom??? His head in the trash compactor?

I thinks it's great how a Jewish guy is hosting a Christmas dinner. Now if we could get a few more Christians to open up a bit!

We've had only a trace of snow here, but I share this mundane news in the spirit of your excellent and hardly mundane blog title. Happy holidays.

John in Philly