Monday, May 11, 2009

Resisting Theory

Why is it that when students are introduced to theoretical concepts, they resist?  I know that I'm writing in generality, but I find resistance much, much more frequently than I find acceptance.  Why are the ideas dismissed, or why do students rail against the challenge of reading?  Okay, the last half of the last question I can probably answer, but it does have me wondering.  I wonder how resistant I was when I first started working with theory.  Though I can remember much of my educational experience, I can't remember that.  I do remember really liking my first introduction to theory as an undergraduate, but I don't recall my reaction to the readings.   I remember thinking how cool it was that there was more kinds of criticism than New Criticism or Formalism.  I loved learning about Deconstruction, though it was easy to see its limitations and irony.   

I wonder. . . 

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Barbara said...

Jacob, I am afraid I have no answers for you. After teaching for 20+years, I still wonder many times if I ever opened a door for any student. I pray I did....but?

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