Monday, January 29, 2007


I often wonder how many readers stumble onto this site or check periodically for updates. Sometimes I consider killing this blog, acknowledging it seems useless because I spend so little time posting, and when I do, it seems onanistic rather than meaningful or fun for readers. But, part of me refuses to give up on this part of my writing life. Somehow killing the blog would symbolize a willingness to admit defeat, but I am also a realist. I see a pattern of my writing habits of fits and starts. My current focus on my professional, academic writing, as well as my personal commitments makes posting here seem an additional challenge I don't need right now. In fact, I'm regularly looking at the clock as I write this, and I'm telling myself to go to bed and get some rest. The morning will come far to fast.

So thanks for listening. I guess I don't have much to tell the world. I really am living the mundane life. So it goes.


The Cat Bastet said...

I feel the same way about my blog sometimes, but then I realized I write because I enjoy it. Having readers is a bonus.

I always enjoy your posts and hope you keep writing!

Macy Swain said...

Well, I "stumbled" across this blog just this morning, and from what I know, I don't think your life is mundane. But that's just me.

Hope all is well in the 'hood. Keep writing and telling us about food and little boys' cute behavior. What's that tapping? Oh, is that a woodpecker?

Anonymous said...

i think your life is mundane. compared to mine. but i travel the world for a living. its very surreal to me that you would admit that you live a mundane life. doesn't that depress you or make you feel as if your not living your life to its full potential?

madfishsam said...

I would say alot of people seem stumble into your blog. I just came here by accident. no one reads my blog.