Saturday, October 15, 2005

KKK on Michigan Public Television

I like to think of myself as a free speech advocate, but thinking of seeing the Klan on television, public television no less, really makes me sick. I will refrain to falling back onto inappropriate language, slander, stereotypes, and other fleeting thoughts of adolescently vengeful acts against the Klan and people who would agree with them. But I will write that this confirms yet again for me how far our "enlightened" society, our "shining city on a hill" has to go before we can really raise our heads and be proud. For more information on the Klan program, read here; I must admit I didn't see it on the programming at the Midland Public Television site here, but WNEM 5 says it will be on.



The Cat Bastet said...

Oh. My. God. Why would anyone watch that?!

Mitch I. Gann said...

The Nazis marched on Toledo, OH, this weekend, too, but the locals rose up and threw bricks at them. I do not advocate violence, of course, but Ohio has plenty of corn fields and mud-bogs for Nazis to march in. They don't have to march through the city streets causing innocent by-standers to throw bricks at them.

CalciumDust said...

although i don't agree with them they have a right the put a show about the KKK on TV you don't have to watch it, but there is no reason for saying that they shouldn't be allowed to show something like that